Learn more about your poodle

The poodle is a dog breed very wanted and appreciated by people.

Before talking about its origins, we will present you some characteristics of poodles, to understand why people love them so much.

First of all, they are very adaptive: they will like very much to live in an apartment with you. After that, they are excellent for novice owners, and they are quite sensitive (poodles aren’t the most sensitives, but they are on the top- 4/5). A problem can be that they didn’t like to be alone, so if you have work to do and you need to leave the house, and you do not have anyone to let him with, it’s clear that you will have problems with your poodle. He doesn’t like cold weather too much, but this dog tolerates the hot weather more than the cold one.

They are very friendly, and they like very much to give love to his family and to make new friends with other dogs and humans. Poodles are very friendly, and they like even the strangers.

But, they are completely awesome because they are the most intelligent dog breed! More than that, they are extremely easy to train and they have a lot of energy.

They live 12-15 years; they can reach 10 inches in heights and 70 pounds in weight. They are dogs made for the human company, and you will love them at first sight! It doesn’t matter if you liked that breed before or even if you didn’t like dogs. When you see how affection they are, you will want them.

No one knows exactly where they come from, but specialists say that poodles can descend from Barbet (French) or a water dog. (Germany).

If you want an intelligent and skillful dog, the Poodle is the best choice. If you search in books or on the internet, you will see that this dog breed won during the time a lot of prizes at dog conquests.

They are charming and elegant, always ready to love his owner and to show how much things he knows to do.  They can have many colors: white, black, silver, brown and even red. Poodles can have also a mix of colors.

The best thing is that they are very sociable and you do not need to be worried that they will attack another dog or a human. They just want to be loved and appreciated and they offer exactly the same thing.

If you want a dog you shouldn’t buy a Poodles, a Rottweiler is a better choice. If you want a friend, a Poodle is the best choice, he will always be your friend and love you, no matter what. He will make you proud and you will want to show him to everyone.

This dog has everything: beauty, intelligence, and fidelity. He will love you will the end of his life and you should do the same.